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Owning an axolotl means that you have to be constantly stocked up on one of their favorite and most necessary sources of food – earthworms.

It might seem a bit odd to spend money on purchasing a box of earthworms when you could simply source the earthworms from your own backyard, but ask yourself this – do you actually have the time to find earthworms in your backyard garden? 

In the same way that dogs need dog food and reptiles need insects or frozen rats, axolotls need earthworms (amongst other foods) to best replicate their natural diet. This means that you need to find the best sellers of earthworms who are reputable enough to give them your time and money.

The key is to find a reputable seller because they will ensure no chemicals or bacteria are carried to your axolotl through the earthworms. Here is everything you need to know about where to buy earthworms! 

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1.Texas Worm Farm

Located just outside of Austin, Texas Worm Farm is committed to breeding and selling earthworms in the most sustainable way possible.

This worm farm owns a landscaping business called Greener Image, which means they have constant access to materials that make compost and the ideal food for the earthworms. Whatever micro-organisms aren’t consumed by the earthworms are used to topdress the turf of the company’s properties, allowing for a sustainable and regenerative process. 

Texas Worm Farm sells red wrigglers, African nightcrawlers, and European nightcrawlers, all of which are ideal for feeding axolotls. This company only sells its worms within the US and has committed to specific shipping times and qualities for the safety of the worms – for example, they never ship their worms to temperatures above 90 °F as this can suffocate and kill the worms. 

Plus, whatever worms you don’t use to feed your axolotl can be used to fertilize any soil in your backyard or home, or they can be used as bait for fishing!

2.Worms 4 Earth

Based in Pensacola, Florida, Worms 4 Earth is committed to selling possibly the world’s best recyclers – earthworms. Their aim is to provide earthworms to benefit compost and backyards, but these worms can also be given to axolotls to eat.

They sell a range of worm species, including red wrigglers, European nightcrawlers, African nightcrawlers, and Alabama Jumpers, all of which can be consumed by axolotls. Alternatively, these worms can be used for composting, fishing, and gardening purposes. 

Worms 4 Earth is also committed to only shipping their worms in conditions that will guarantee the worms won’t die upon arrival, which means they refuse to ship their worms in conditions too cold or too hot.

They offer a Live Arrival Guarantee for 24 hours, after which the guarantee is void. For the safety of the worms, they are only shipped around the United States. 

3.Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

With over 40 years of experience, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is certainly one of the most reputable websites to order a box of worms for your axolotl. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm specializes in red wriggler worms, but they also sell European nightcrawlers and have had experience breeding Canadian nightcrawlers and Gray night crawlers.

This company is committed to making the world a better place one worm at a time, whether you use their worms to fuel your compost or to feed your axolotl. 

When it comes to variety, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has it all. Not only do they sell the iconic worms, but they also sell their own compost, compost bins, organic fertilizer, organic pest control, mealworms, and worm kits for those who want to breed their own earthworms.

While this might make you squeamish, this might be worth considering if you own an axolotl. It’ll save a lot of time and money on shipping fees if you can grow and raise your own earthworms, after all! 

One of the best things about Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is that they are shipped such a unique way that allows the earthworms to survive up to 10 days. The company also offers an array of care tips to make the most of your worms, thus increasing their lifespan to keep them fresh for your precious axolotl.

It should take 2-3 days for the worms to arrive at the shipping address, but for emergencies, you’ll have to contact their team directly. They also offer a 48-hour live product guarantee in the event that your worms arrive dead. 

4.Earthworks International Live Worm Sales

If you’re looking for a worm seller that is plain, simple, and to the point, go with Earthworks International. Founded in 1996, Earthworks International are experts at breeding earthworms for a variety of purposes – from composting to fishing to feeding pets like axolotls.

The quality of the earthworms is about as high as it can get, as these worms are bred and grown in sunny Aguanga, California in the best soil conditions.

They live amongst high-quality, moist, cool soil that allows for the worms to consume the microorganisms and bacteria within the soil to make them nice and plump, making them the perfect food source for hungry axolotls. 

With the ability to source 200 pounds of earthworms a week, it’s rare that Earthworks International is out of stock when it comes to earthworms. However, they only sell two products – live red wriggler earthworms and earthworm castings, which have comparatively fewer products available compared to other worm breeders. 

5.Earthworms For Sale

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Earthworms For Sale has over 50 years of experience breeding and selling earthworms of all different species. This company has three selling options, including worms for compost, worms for fishing, and worms for pet food.

Their European nightcrawlers are particularly good for feeding axolotls, but keep in mind that you’ll probably have to slice them up into edible sizes. However, they don’t just sell earthworms, as they also offer worm books, supplies, composting equipment, and more. 

Earthworms For Sale guarantees live worms upon arrival, and given that they only ship their worms on Mondays, make sure to time your ordering accordingly. 

Other Places To Buy Earthworms

If you don’t feel comfortable buying earthworms online from companies you don’t know enough about, there are other ways to buy earthworms for your axolotl.

Local fish stores are bound to sell live worms of all species as well as pet stores, such as Petco or PetSmart. Even the fishing department of Walmart sells live worms!

To save money in the future and to ensure the healthiest earthworms for your axolotl, we recommend investing in an earthworm farm and breeding your own earthworms after buying a batch.

This is a great way to save money, and you will subsequently avoid unknowingly purchasing earthworms that are riddled with chemicals and harmful bacteria. Plus, it helps the planet a little more as it doesn’t involve shipping! 

How To Buy Earthworms?

Earthworm businesses will generally split their earthworms into the following categories: the number of earthworms you want and the species of earthworm.

The most common earthworm species sold in America are red wrigglers, European night crawlers, African night crawlers, and often Canadian night crawlers.

Nightcrawlers are generally the most recommended option for feeding axolotls, as red wrigglers are known to excrete coelomic fluids as a defense mechanism.

While these fluids aren’t dangerous to axolotls (but they are to snakes), you might find that your axolotl might be particularly fussy with these worms. 

After considering the species of worm you’re going to buy for whatever purpose, next you’ve got to think about the number of worms you want. Worms are generally sold in specific amounts, such as 100 or 500 worms, so it all depends on how regularly your axolotl needs to eat worms.

Now, worms will require an earthworm farm to extend their lifespan, keeping them as fresh as possible for the axolotl. It’s worth considering this before you buy 500 worms, otherwise, you could be left with several hundred dead worms after a couple of weeks.

Considering axolotls are only fed 2-3 a week (or once a day if it’s a juvenile), you don’t want to end up with hundreds of worms left over. 

However, if you do have earthworms left over, or your axolotl is particularly fussy about eating a specific species, you’re in luck! Earthworms are nature’s best recyclers, which means that whatever your axolotl doesn’t eat, you can use the worms to fertilize the soil in your backyard.

Earthworms work to consume microorganisms in the soil, thus cleaning the soil as they feed. Not only does this work to keep your soil fresh and thriving, but earthworms then become a source of food for other animals such as birds and poultry, and thus the circle of life continues. 

However, if you don’t have a backyard or if you’re not bothered about keeping earthworms for compost purposes, you might want to consider finding a seller who will sell small numbers of earthworms. Live bait stores are generally the best for this. 


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