Enigma Axolotl [Super Rare Morph]

Axolotls come in a wide range of colors, also known as morphs. Before buying an axolotl, it’s useful to know what colors exist so you can decide which you prefer best.

Some of the more well-known axolotl morphs include the white axolotol; the albino axolotl; the black melanoid axolotl; the leucistic axolotl or the golden axolotl.

On the other hand, the enigma axolotl is a very rare wild type axolotl morph.  In this article, we will take a look at what makes the enigma axolotl so special and answer commonly asked questions people have about this enigmatic creature!

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Origin Of The Enigma Axolotl’s Name

As touched upon above, the enigma axolotl is a very rare wild type axolotl. Some would suggest that it’s to this rarity that the enigma axolotl owes it’s peculiar name.

According to Dictionary.com: An enigma is someone or something that’s puzzling, mysterious, or difficult to make sense of.

The enigma axolotl’s name suggests there’s something unusual about the creature that people can’t quite comprehend…

However, if you’ve been fortunate enough to observe an enigma axolotl before, the source of the mystery becomes pretty obvious: its dazzling patchwork appearance.

Appearance Of An Enigma Axolotl

The enigma axolotl may also be referred to as the grey axolotl. This is due to the coloration and appearance of this creature.


The body of the enigma axolotl is dark grey – almost black – with streaks and camouflage-like patterns of a green color that are found all over the body.

In certain lights, you are able to see golden patches on the axolotl’s body, but in other lights this golden color turns green.  

This color combination is what makes these axolotls so attractive and sought after.


Paired with their dark-colored bodies, enigma axolotls have golden eyes.

This bright color provides a stark contrast with the creature’s body and makes the enigma axolotl’s eyes stand out like jewels.

Belly & Toes

Enigma axolotls have pale – almost white – undersides and toes.

As is the case with the eyes, these paler body parts stand out against the darker shades of the head, back, and tail.


Some enigma axolotls have pale red gills.

Evolution Of An Engima Axolotl’s Appearance With Age

As enigma axolotls become older, their coloring will also get darker as well.

This makes these creatures great at camouflage, the green-grayish hues help them to disappear into their environments easily.

What Size Are Enigma Axolotls?

Enigma axolotls tend to be the same size as most other axolotls. In other words, the enigma morph doesn’t seem to have an influence on their size.

Once they have reached adulthood, the enigma axolotl will reach around 11 to 12 inches in length (28 to 30 com).

That being said, the size of your axolotl and how fast it will grow does depend on how well you look after it, and in particular what you include in their diet

Can You Breed Enigma Axolotls?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to breed enigma axolotls.

This is because this type of axolotl was originally bred by pure chance by a pet breeder in the United States. After he created the first specimen, there haven’t been many words about others being created. 

As a result, the enigma axolotl is a unique creation. It is a random mutation when wild types of axolotls were crossed. We could guess that maybe the Golden Albino axolotl was used, but no one really knows what was used.

The breeder hasn’t given anyone any information on how he created this type of axolotl. 

Some people may be tempted to try to reproduce this kind of axolotl, but it will be a lot of guesswork. 

The little information we do know is that when enigma axolotls are babies, they look a lot like leucistic axolotls. However, as they grow up they end up producing iridophores, which gives the enigma axolotl its golden coloring and shimmer.

There are many types of axolotls available on the market today. Some people choose to breed their own axolotls. Others prefer to purchase them already bred. Whichever method you decide to go with, remember to take good care of your new pet.

Make sure that you know what type of axolotl you are buying before you commit to buying one. If you do not know what kind of axolotl you want, then you should wait until you know more about the species.

Why Are Enigma Axolotls So Rare?

Enigma axolotls are so rare due to the fact that it’s seemingly impossible to intentionally breed them by cross-breeding other axolotl morphs.

Where To Buy An Enigma Axolotl?

As mentioned above, the enigma axolotl is a very rare and unique species of the axolotl so you likely won’t find one for sale at your local exotic pet shop or axolotl breeder.

It is so rare that the breeder isn’t even certain how they achieved it. There have been very few sightings of an enigma axolotl, thus the chances of purchasing one are very slim.

If you are lucky enough to see an enigma axolotl advertised, then you shouldn’t waste time purchasing it. However, the price will be quite high due to its rarity.

Also, beware of sellers trying to sell you other animals that they think they can get away with looking like an enigma axolotl. You should only buy axolotls from trusted sellers, as you can be certain that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

If you want an alternative to an enigma axolotl, then a gold-black axolotl may be a great replacement. These are created by mating golden, non-albino axolotls. However, this is another rare axolotl to find as well. Overall, a lot of gold types of axolotls are difficult to find. 

How Much Do Enigma Axolotls Cost?

It is extremely rare to come across this type of axolotl.

If you do manage to come across an enigma axolotl then the price for it will be quite high due to its rarity.

With that in mind, it’s very hard to put a price on an enigma axolotl and it’s anybody’s guess as to what somebody who really desires one would be ready to pay for it.

Some axolotl lovers may be willing to spend thousands of dollars to get their dream enigma axolotl. However, as they are so rare, we would suggest not raising your hopes too much.

How To Look After An Enigma Axolotl?

Enigma Axolotls


You need to feed your enigma axolotl every day – just as you would with any axolotl, as this will help to maintain their health.

A healthy axolotl will eat anything from small insects, fish, worms, crickets, shrimp, snails, frogs, crabs, and even fruit flies. As long as you provide your axolotl with a varied diet, then they will be happy and healthy.

Enigma axolotls can also be fed frozen foods. These include frozen blood worms, frozen brine shrimp, frozen prawns, frozen mosquito larvae, frozen meaty shrimps, and frozen baby squid. All of these foods are easy to prepare and can be used as a meal for your axolotl.


If you want to buy an enigma axolotl, then you need to make sure that you keep them in a good environment. They should live in a tank that has plenty of space for them to move around.

Water Parameters

The water temperature needs to be kept at a constant level so that the axolotl can regulate its body temperature. Also, the water should not be too warm, as this can cause stress to the enigma axolotl.

The best way to care for your axolotl is to use a filter system to clean the water. This will remove unwanted particles and bacteria from the water. You can use a gravel filter or a sand filter. These filters will allow oxygen to flow through the tank while removing waste products such as ammonia.

Tank Mates

Additionally, you need to make sure you keep your enigma axolotl away from other animals.

If you have a tank full of other animals, then it might affect your axolotl’s ability mood and physical health. Indeed, all axolotls tend to prefer solitude to the company of tank mates – this isn’t specific to enigma axolotls.

Therefore, you need to keep your axolotl away from all other animals. Or the reverse may happen, and larger fish or creatures in your tank may attack your enigma axolotl.


Another thing that you need to think about is lighting.

Axolotls in general are very sensitive to light, just like water. If they have too much light, this can stress them out. They prefer low to no light conditions. The enigma axolotl is no different.

Getting the balance right is important, as these creatures are really sensitive and delicate.

Origins of Axolotls

Axolotls have been around since the early days of life on earth. They were first discovered in 1826 by an Austrian naturalist named Johann Baptist von Spix. He was studying the salamanders in South America when he came across what he believed to be a new species of axolotl.

However, it wasn’t until later that he realized that it was actually just another type of axolotl that had not yet been identified.

The axolotl has always been considered a symbol of regeneration. This is because they can regrow any part of their body that gets injured or damaged. Wild axolotls are only found in a small region of Mexico, in Lake Chalco.

However, as time has passed on, this creature has become extinct in the wild. This is due to various reasons, but the main reason is due to mankind. Therefore, you will discover that there are more axolotls in captivity than you will find in the wild. 

Final Thoughts

The enigma axolotl is a very rare axolotl. Their creation is unknown, which means they are hard to come by. However, they are loved for their dark-colored bodies that are streaked with golden partners and spots.

Enigma axolotls were created by an accident and no one is sure which two other axolotls were created to produce them. Thus, finding one is a very difficult task.

However, they do not have a lot of people buying them because of their rarity. So there is a big chance that if you decide to buy one, you will probably never see it again, but if you love axolotls, then maybe you can be lucky enough to own one.

The care requirements of an enigma axolotl are the same as with any other variety.

Axolotls are enjoyed as pets by hundreds of people. For those of you who enjoy the rarer varieties, then you it’s hard to get rarer than the enigma axolotl. 


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