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Budgett’s frog is a unique aquatic species that is native to South America. It is an omnivorous frog that is known for its large size and interesting behavior. Budgett’s frogs are often sought after as pets due to their relatively small size, ease of care, and interesting appearance. They make great additions to any aquarium or terrarium setup. Budgett’s frogs are available for sale at many pet stores and online retailers.Budgett’s Frogs are for sale! These unique and fascinating amphibians make great pets and can live up to 20 years in captivity with proper care. They can be found in Central and South America and are known for their unusual shape, as well as their loud croaking. Budgett’s Frogs need a warm, humid environment, so they must be kept in an aquarium with a lid to prevent escape. They feed on both live insects and commercial pellets, so a steady supply of food is essential. Additionally, they require regular water changes and should be handled with caution due to their delicate skin. If you’re looking for an interesting and long-lived pet, consider purchasing a Budgett’s Frog today!

Where to Buy Budgett’s Frog

Budgett’s Frog, also known as the ‘Hippo Frog’, is a popular and unique species of frog that is found in South America. The Budgett’s Frog can be found in many pet stores, and it is a great choice for those who want to own an exotic amphibian. If you are looking for a Budgett’s Frog, there are several places where you can buy them.

One of the most popular places to purchase a Budgett’s Frog is from an online retailer or pet store. Many online retailers offer a wide selection of frogs, including the Budgett’s Frog. Online retailers are often able to provide customers with better prices than they could find in their local pet stores. Furthermore, online retailers often have more variety in terms of color and size than what you might find in your local store.

Another option for buying a Budgett’s Frog is from a breeder or private seller. Breeders specialize in certain species of frogs and can provide customers with high quality frogs at affordable prices. Private sellers may also be able to offer customers good deals on frogs that they have bred or raised themselves. It is important to research any breeder or private seller before making a purchase, however, as there are some unscrupulous sellers out there who may not be offering high quality animals.

Finally, one of the best ways to get your hands on a Budgett’s Frog is through animal rescue organizations or sanctuaries that specialize in amphibians and reptiles. These organizations often have captive bred animals that need homes and are willing to give them away for free or at low cost. While these animals may not be as healthy as ones purchased from breeders or pet stores, they can still make great pets if given proper care and attention.

No matter where you decide to buy your Budgett’s Frog from, it is important to make sure it is healthy before bringing it home with you. Be sure to ask questions about its health history and get all relevant information before making your purchase so you know exactly what kind of frog you are getting into your home!

Cost of Budgett’s Frog

The cost of Budgett’s Frog can vary, depending on the individual seller. Generally speaking, the prices tend to range from around $20 for a single frog to upwards of $100 or more for breeding pairs. The prices also depend on the age and size of the frogs, as well as their overall health. When buying a Budgett’s Frog, it is important to make sure that it has been bred in captivity and is healthy before purchasing it.

It is also important to be aware that these frogs are not typically found in pet stores and most breeders will only ship them through reputable dealers. Additionally, they can be difficult to care for due to their specialized needs, so it is best to research all aspects of their care before making the purchase. If cared for properly, a Budgett’s Frog can live up to 10 years or more.

Budgett’s Frog

Budgett’s Frog, also known as the South American Screaming Frog, is a species of frog found in South America. It belongs to the family Lepidobatrachidae and is native to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The species is named after British zoologist John Samuel Budgett. The Budgett’s Frog has a distinctive appearance with its large head and wide mouth which gives it a distinctive “screaming” sound when disturbed. They are mainly carnivorous and feed on insects, snails and small fish. They are highly aquatic and spend much of their time in water, but also venture onto land to hunt for food. The Budgett’s frog is an ambush predator and can often be seen lying motionless at the bottom of streams or ponds waiting for prey to pass by. They have been known to live up to 25 years in captivity, making them one of the longest living frogs in the world.

The Benefits of Owning a Budgett’s Frog

Owning a Budgett’s frog can be both rewarding and fun. These unique amphibians have many benefits that make them a great pet for those who want something a little different than the usual. Here are some of the top benefits of owning a Budgett’s frog:

One of the main benefits of owning a Budgett’s frog is that they are relatively easy to care for. They require minimal space, and their diet consists mainly of live fish and worms, which can be easily purchased from most pet stores. In addition, they do not require as much maintenance as other amphibian species, making them ideal for those with limited time or experience.

Another great benefit is that they are quite hardy creatures. They can survive in a broad range of temperatures and do not require special lighting or heating systems like many other amphibians do. This makes them an ideal choice for those who do not have access to special equipment or expertise in caring for more exotic species.

Finally, Budgett’s frogs are also incredibly interesting creatures to observe. Their unique behavior and appearance make them fascinating pets to watch, especially when they are hunting for food or interacting with their surroundings. This makes them great companions for anyone looking for an entertaining pet that will provide hours of entertainment.

Overall, owning a Budgett’s frog can be an incredibly rewarding experience for those looking for something unique and low-maintenance. With their ease of care and interesting behavior, these amphibians make great pets for anyone looking to add something special to their home.

Caring for a Budgett’s Frog

Budgett’s frogs, also known as the laughing frog, are an interesting pet to keep and require a specific habitat to thrive. These frogs are native to South America and need a warm, wet environment in which to live. The enclosure should have a water bowl large enough for the frog to submerge itself, as well as a basking area and plenty of hiding places. It is important to keep the habitat clean and avoid overcrowding by providing enough space for the frog to move around.

The diet of a Budgett’s frog consists mainly of insects, such as crickets, mealworms, waxworms, and earthworms. They should be fed daily or every other day depending on their size. It is important not to overfeed them as they can easily become overweight. A calcium supplement added to their food will help them stay healthy and prevent metabolic bone disease.

Budgett’s frogs are relatively low maintenance pets compared to other amphibians but they do require regular care and attention. They should be handled gently and never forced out of their hiding place as this can cause stress. A regular check-up with a veterinarian is also recommended if you notice any changes in behavior or if the frog appears unwell.

Overall, Budgett’s frogs are an interesting pet that can provide hours of entertainment with their unique personality and comical behavior. With proper care and attention these frogs can live up to eight years or more in captivity making them a great companion for many years!

Breeding a Budgett’s Frog

Budgett’s frogs, also known as the “Freddie Kruger” frog, are an attractive and popular amphibian choice for many hobbyists. Breeding these frogs is not difficult but requires some specific conditions in order to be successful. Here is a guide to breeding this unique frog species.

The first step in breeding Budgett’s frogs is to provide them with an appropriate enclosure. The enclosure should be at least 10 gallons and should have a substrate of either dirt or gravel that is at least 2 inches deep. The enclosure should also include hiding places, such as rocks or logs, and aquatic plants to help create a natural habitat. It is important that the enclosure be kept at a temperature between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit and that it is misted regularly with dechlorinated water.

Once the enclosure is set up, you will need to find two healthy adult Budgett’s frogs of opposite sexes in order to begin the breeding process. You will know when the frog has reached sexual maturity when they become more active and territorial during feeding time, so look for these behaviors before introducing them into the same enclosure together.

Once you have introduced two compatible adult Budgett’s frogs into the same enclosure, they will mate naturally if all environmental conditions are correct. After mating, females will lay between 20-50 eggs which can take up to three weeks to hatch depending on water temperature and quality. Once hatched, tiny tadpoles will emerge from the eggs and should be fed small organisms such as worms or brine shrimp for nutrition until they reach adulthood after several months.

Breeding Budgett’s frogs can make for an exciting project as well as an admirable accomplishment for any amphibian enthusiast! Given the proper environment and plenty of patience, you can easily breed this unique species of frog in your own home!

Finding Quality Suppliers of Budgett’s Frogs

Finding quality suppliers of Budgett’s Frogs can be a challenging task, as these amphibians are not widely kept as pets. However, with some research and diligence, it is possible to locate reputable sources and ensure that the frogs you purchase are healthy and safe. Here are some tips for finding quality suppliers of Budgett’s Frogs:

The first step in locating a quality supplier of Budgett’s Frogs is to do your research. Look for reviews online from customers who have purchased from the supplier in the past. Pay attention to any complaints about the health of the frogs or customer service issues. If possible, speak with other frog owners who have purchased from the same supplier to get their opinion.

Next, look for a supplier who offers guarantees on their frogs’ health and well-being. A reputable supplier will stand behind their product and should be willing to provide a refund or exchange if there is an issue with the frog they have provided.

It is also important to find out whether or not the supplier has experience with Budgett’s Frogs. A good supplier should have knowledge about proper care and husbandry requirements specific to these amphibians, as well as knowledge about potential health issues they may face.

Finally, make sure that you ask plenty of questions before making your purchase decision. Ask about shipping practices, payment options, and whether or not they offer any discounts for bulk orders. Taking these steps can help ensure that you find a quality supplier of Budgett’s Frogs that meets your needs and provides healthy specimens for your collection.


Budgett’s Frog is a unique and beautiful amphibian whose popularity has been on the rise in the pet trade industry. Although they are relatively easy to care for, they require specialized care and an environment that is specifically tailored to their needs. In order to ensure that these frogs are kept healthy and happy, potential owners should consider all aspects of their care before making a purchase. With the proper setup, budgett’s frogs can be an interesting and rewarding addition to any home.

Before buying a Budgett’s Frog, it is important to understand their needs and ensure that the environment meets those requirements. Additionally, potential owners should research local regulations regarding keeping these frogs as pets. If all of these factors are taken into consideration, budgett’s frogs can be an interesting and enjoyable part of any home.

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