Axolotls in Minecraft [Complete Guide]

As axolotl lovers, we were thrilled when Mojang’s blockbuster Minecraft added axolotls in part one of their Caves & Cliffs update! 

We would get to enjoy our favorite animal all whilst playing our favorite video game. What more could one ask for?

In the article below, we will answer the most popular questions gamers have about axolotls in Minecraft. You will learn where to find them, how to breed them and what colors they come in…and so much more!

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Axolotls in Minecraft

Where to Find Axolotls in Minecraft (Spawn Location)

Axolotls spawn and live in the lush caves biome when there is a clay block less than five blocks below the spawning space.

That’s where you will find axolotls if you are lucky…indeed, axolotls don’t spawn very often.

How to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft

It’s possible to breed axolotls in Minecraft. To do so, you will need to lead adult axolotls with topical fish – buckets of tropical fish to be precise!

Baby Axolotls

After breeding, a baby axolotl will spawn. The baby axolotl has a 11200 chance to be the rare blue variant; otherwise, it inherits the color of one parent at random.

How to Make Baby Axolotls Grow Quicker?

Juvenile axolotls will tend to follow their parents around in the game. To accelerate the growth of juveniles, you can feed them buckets of tropical fish.

Axolotl Colors in Minecraft

Minecraft axolotls are available in a wide range of colors:

  • Wild axolotl (brown)
  • Leucistic axolotl (pink)
  • Gold
  • Cyan
  • Blue

It’s worth noting that whilst leucistic axolotls and wild axolotls are common in real life, gold, cyan and blue axolotls don’t exist in the real world.

Blue Axolotl

The blue axolotl is very rare (the chances of spawning one are 0.083% (less than 1 in 1200). Blue axolotls can be obtained via the breeding of axolotls of various colors, or they can indeed spawn naturally.

Green Axolotl

A green axolotl appears in the Caves & Cliffs: Part I trailer. However, the green axolotl does not appear in the game – which is quite sad if you ask me because it’s a really cool color! 

What Do Axolotls Eat in Minecraft?

Minecraft axolotls eat tropical fish – by the bucket load! You will need to feed them by the bucket full, as opposed to one fish at a time.

And, if you’re familiar with Minecraft, you’ll know that tropical fish can be very tricky to catch in a bucket as they are shy and cautious creatures. 

Topical fish can be found in ocean biomes or purchased from the Wandering Trader.

Axolotl Behavior in Minecraft


An axolotl is a passive aquatic mob found in the lush caves biome accessible with the Caves & Cliffs update. Axolotls hunt most other aquatic mobs, excluding frogs, dolphins, turtles as well as other axolotls.

Axolotls prefer to hunt hostile mobs instead of non-hostile mobs, which we like!


However, they are surprisingly friendly towards humans – so friendly in fact that they don’t even try to defend themselves when a player attacks them. Another sign of their friendliness is the fact that they can be put on a leash.

Walking on Land

Unlike real-life axolotls, Minecraft axolotls like to wander off on land and explore.

Playing Dead

When an axolotl is being attacked underwater, it will play dead in order to regenerate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tame axolotls in Minecraft?

No, axolotls cannot be tamed in Minecraft. However, they are very docile creatures and can be bred. 

Can you put axolotls on a leash in Minecraft?

Yes, you can put axolotls on a leash in Minecraft.

Are axolotls rare in Minecraft?

Axolotls are not especially rare in the Lush Caves biome of Minecraft. However, the blue axolotl is very rare and the chances of spawning one are less than 1 in 1200.

Why do my axolotls keep dying in Minecraft?

Minecraft axolotls will die if they remain out of water for more than 6000 game ticks or 5 minutes.

Can Minecraft axolotls reproduce?

Yes, axolotls can reproduce in Minecraft.

How rare is a gold axolotl in Minecraft?

Gold axolotls are common in Minecraft. 

How do you keep axolotls as pets in Minecraft?

You can’t tame an axolotl in Minecraft. However, they can easily be captured and transported. You can even put them on a lead if you want.

Do axolotls eat each other in Minecraft?

No, axolotls do not eat each other in Minecraft.

What do Minecraft axolotls eat?

Axolotls eat tropical fish in Minecraft – by the bucket load!

Do Minecraft axolotls need air?

Minecraft axolotls need air. If they remain out of water for more than 6000 game ticks or 5 minutes, they will die from the lack of air.

What are the 5 axolotls in Minecraft?

The 5 types of axolotls in Minecraft are wild, leucistic, gold, cyan, and blue.

Can axolotls get killed Minecraft?

Axolotls can die by being out of the water less than 2 blocks deep for more than 5 minutes or if they are attacked by mobs of other creatures.

Will axolotls fight for you in Minecraft?

Axolotls can fight on your behalf by attacking hostile mobs and fend off Drowned and Guardians

Axolotls were popular long before they were added to Minecraft. As a matter of fact, some would argue that they were added to the game because they were very popular with young gamers.

It’s probable that adding axolotls to Minecraft has increased their popularity as pets in the real world.

What is the rarest axolotl in Minecraft?

the rarest axolotl in Minecraft is the blue axolotl.

Can axolotls be used as fuel in Minecraft?

No, axolotls cannot be used as fuel in Minecraft.  

Axolotl Gift Ideas For Minecraft Lovers!

Minecraft Axolotl Plush

This Minecraft Axolotl Plushy is the ideal gift for young axolotl lovers who want to play with, cuddle and collect one of Minecraft’s most iconic animals.

What we love about this Minecraft Axolotl Stuffed Toy:

  • Affordable price.
  • 100% hand-made with children’s safe materials (high-quality PP & cotton filling).
  • Available in blue & pink colors.

Minecraft Lego The Guardian Battle Kit

This Minecraft Lego Building Kit is a the ideal gift for those who love Minecraft, Lego and of course axolotls!

What we love about this cute Minecraft Lego axolotl kit:

  • Comes with 3 different axolotl figurines.
  • Contains a buildable coral reef and iconic characters (diver, glow squid, guardian, elder guardian).
  • For children aged 8 and above.

3. Minecraft Build-A-Portal Axolotls Action Figure

This Minecraft Build-A-Portal Axolotls action figure has been authentically created using the video game’s signature pixelated design, so they’re great for play and display.

Movable joints allow iconic characters to strike action poses and each figure comes with one Build-A-Portal piece. Players can collect them all to build a complete Minecraft Portal that’s twice as tall as Steve. Great gift for Minecraft fans. Ages 6 and up.

What we love about this Minecraft Axolotl Figurine:

  • Moveable joints allow iconic characters to strike action poses.
  • Players can collect them all to build a complete Minecraft Portal.
  • Great gift for Minecraft fans aged 6 and up.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we hope to have given you a better understanding of the role the axolotl plays in the wonderful world of Minecraft.

Hopefully, you will come away with a better understanding of its behavior, where to find them, how to breed them and what to feed them, and answers to most of the frequently asked questions people have about Minecraft axolotls.

Finally, we hope the shortlist of Minecraft axolotl gift ideas will give you some inspiration if you’re looking for birthday or Christmas present ideas. Thanks for reading!



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